In an exclusive interview with Construction Week Saudi, Mohammed AlShamlany, the GM of Abniya, delved into the company’s multifaceted operations, its commitment to excellence in the sports sector, and its ambitious aspirations for the future.

AlShamlany shed light on the company’s comprehensive portfolio of services, encompassing a diverse range of projects that showcase their expertise and innovation. He emphasised the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional results, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety, and fostering strong relationships with clients and partners.

Abniya Exclusive

Q: How does Abniya address the construction challenges of the MENA region during this transformative era?

A: Abniya is a leading general contracting firm based in Riyadh that provides its services across the diverse MENA region. We specialise in civil construction, industrial automation, and turnkey electro-mechanical projects, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative practices to deliver superior service and results.

Our mission at Abniya is to assist clients in achieving their project goals with unrivalled quality and punctuality. We are dedicated to ensuring top-tier services, adhering to the highest safety measures, and minimising risks throughout the project’s lifecycle.

We are not merely building structures; we are shaping a sustainable future in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. This approach is central to our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, fostering a positive impact on the communities we serve. At Abniya, we value our client and subcontractor relationships, facilitating high customer satisfaction and collaborative growth. We are more than a construction company; we are a dedicated team crafting spaces of excellence and sustainability.

Exclusive: Abniya Innovative and becoming a regional player

Q: What specific challenges and opportunities do you foresee for the Saudi Arabian construction and real estate markets in the coming years?

A: Saudi Arabia is witnessing a golden age in growth and development specially in the fields of construction and real estate for the following reasons: First of all, the strategic and wise 2030 vision of the Kingdom which is taking the country to a different level in all sectors and specially in our field.

Construction activities have increased in the first 9 months of 2023 and are still growing, then came the property tax relaxations and affordable housing programs; the ministry of housing plans to build 300,000 housing units in the coming five years, of course in partnership with the private sector.

In the commercial side, there’s a huge demand in the market for offices due to all the incentives the government is offering to attract multinational and foreign companies to open their headquarters and businesses in the Kingdom. The Kingdom has a population of 30 million individuals which 70% are under 35 years old and has also a strategic location in the middle of trade routes crossing three continents and hold amazing natural resources.

Q: How does Abniya’s demonstrated construction expertise align with the Kingdom’s aspirations to establish itself as a global center for sports and wellness?

A: Abniya seized this opportunity by implementing growth within the company itself, by hiring brilliant Saudi talents, offering them consistent training in addition to using new systems in building our projects to keep up with the international standards and competition. We also resource the best technologies and new systems that help us deliver impeccable projects within the requested timeframe.

Sports is an important part of Saudi Arabian culture, and the country participates in many international sporting competitions and the value of Saudi Arabia’s sports event industry is growing by 8% per year estimated $3.3 billion (SAR12.4 billion) by 2024, according to Ernst and Young (EY). Sports’ contribution to the Saudi Arabia GDP has already grown from $2.4 billion in 2016 to $6.9 billion (SAR26 billion) in 2019.

As mentioned earlier over two-thirds of Saudi Arabia’s population is under the age of 35 with a growing appetite for sport, driving both event participation and attendance. Having said this, the Kingdom is encouraging the growth of this field by offering affordable facilities for everyone.

We at Abniya are very proud for developing (construction side) the multipurpose SFA Dome in Dammam that was launched before 1 year in Dammam under the auspices of HH Prince Khaled bin Waleed. We are also working on exciting upcoming projects which we are very keen to accomplish perfectly and meet all the international standards from design, quality, safety and execution.

Exclusive: Abniya Innovative and becoming a regional player

Q: How does Abniya’s implementation of green building principles contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s environmental sustainability goals?

A: Abniya’s contributions to the Saudi green initiative are many. We believe in the Kingdom’s green initiative as “green Building” will help the planet and preserve precious natural resources which lead to improve our health and quality of life.

At Abniya we took the lead to implement some rules in line with the green initiative of the Kingdom like using efficiently the energy, water and any natural resources, we are also implementing solar energies in all our upcoming projects, recycling the waste, using sustainable materials (when available) and considering the environment when we design a project.

Q: How does Abniya balance its priorities to ensure sustainable success and maintain a strong reputation in the construction industry?

A: Our priorities will always remain our clients, and by offering them outstanding services and high-quality projects, our growth in terms of experience, team and innovative solutions remain a strategic priority for us as we aim to play a major role during this exciting phase of the history of the Kingdom. On top of our priorities, our commitment to the work ethics and the high integrity of our subcontractors and staff makes our mission possible.